Workforce Transformation

Your people are your greatest asset when they bring their creativity and whole selves to their roles. But they can face the greatest struggles when processes create more barriers than bridges. As teams and functions evolve, grow, or contract, it is important to continuously revisit the people and process aspects of your organization to ensure that everything runs like a well-oiled machine to ensure the greatest success in the market.

Explore our Workforce Transformation services to learn more. If you believe you face several challenges related to your core workforce strategy, but haven’t yet pinpointed the situation, consider engaging us in an initial diagnostic, where we’ll help you put together a roadmap for your organization’s future success.

We are a data-forward agency. We ground everything we do in up-front data and analysis, and believe that data is the most critical and fundamental component of the mix that we need to monitor at every step of our journey together so that you hit your outcomes.

Workforce Transformation Capabilities

Organizational Design & Planning

Depending on your organizational growth or reduction goals, the charter, size and roles in your teams will need to change. We help you design your organization for each of the growth phases so you have a clear plan of action.

Process Design & Documentation

As processes, tools, and organizational structures change, it becomes more critical to have documented processes. We work with you to document processes pre and post changes, and assist you with measuring results.

Candidate Vetting & Team Build-outs

Whether recruiting internally or externally, we can help you with job description creation, interviewing, and vetting your candidates, so that you can find the best candidates that match your organization's needs for your stage of growth.

Re-skilling & Up-skilling Planning

Technology, organizational structure, and process changes can leave existing employees with new expectations but without up-to-date skills. We work with you and your team closely to define a path to build or update critical skills.

Team Rebadging & Conversion

When needing to shift headcount costs to program costs to hit financial targets, we work closely with your Finance and HR teams to assess feasibility to re-badge your employees to our company, while retaining top talent on your account.

Contingent Labor Program

For those clients that don't have an in-house contingent worker program, we can run one for you. Bring your own contractors or we can find those workers that fit your needs, and handle payroll based on your critical projects.

Comprehensive Industry & Market Coverage Our experts have deep knowledge and experience across multiple industries and markets

  • SaaS & Cloud Software 
  • Enterprise Applications, Developer Tools
  • Data, Data Integration, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Cybersecurity/Cloud Security
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail, Consumer Goods, Consumer Electronics
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive


  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe & Middle East


  •  Small Business, Mid-market, Enterprise, Developer

Why clients choose us

Data Forward

We tease-out insights from your data to guide our entire engagement.

Strategic Fit

We connect strategy across the entire project lifecycle end-to-end.

Innovation Engine

We boldly drive innovation so our clients and their solutions stand-out.

Optimal Outcome

We optimize every project to bring our clients the strongest results.

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